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Little Marlow Parish Council


Governance and Policies

Anonymous Communication Policy LMPC-Anonymous-Communication-(Nov-2017).pdf 107.3 KB Code of Conduct for Members LMPC-Code-of-Conduct-for-Members-(Nov-2017).pdf 129.4 KB Community Engagement Policy LMPC-Community-Engagement-Policy-(Nov-2017).pdf 105.2 KB Community Infrastructure Levy payments from WDC 2016/17 2016_17-WDC-report.pdf 11.2 KB Contact details Privacy (GDPR) Statement LMPC-Privacy-Statement.pdf 118.6 KB Complaints Policy Complaints-Policy.doc 30.5 KB Data Protection Policy LMPC-Data-Protection-Policy-(Nov-2017).pdf 131 KB Data Schedule - what data we hold and why Data-Audit-_LMPC.xlsx 17 KB Email Policy LMPC-Email-Policy-(Nov-2017).pdf 99.3 KB Equal Opportunities Policy LMPC-Equal-Opportunities-(Nov-2017).pdf 98.3 KB Financial Regulations Policy LMPC-Financial-Regulations-(Nov-2017).pdf 135.9 KB Freedom of Information - Model Publication Scheme Model-Publications-Policy-Oct-2015.pdf 129 KB Grants & Donations Policy LMPC-Grants-Policy-(Nov-2017).pdf 121.4 KB Grievance and Procedures Policy Little-Marlow-Parish-Council-Grievance-Policy-and-Procedures-Feb-16.pdf 126.2 KB Removable Media Policy LMPC-Removable-Media-(March-2018).pdf 174.3 KB Social Media Policy LMPC-Social-Media-Policy-(Nov-2017).pdf 101.6 KB Spade Oak Car Park Usage Policy LMPC-Spade-Oak-Car-Park-Usage-Policy-(Nov-2017).pdf 97.2 KB Standing Orders Policy LMPC-Standing-Orders-(Nov-2017).pdf 151.5 KB Training Policy LMPC-Training-Policy-(Nov-2017).pdf 99.5 KB Health and Safety Policy LMPC-Health-&-Safety-Policy-(Nov-2017).pdf 119.2 KB