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Buckinghamshire Council works with new litter app to help keep streets clean

By Clerk to the Parish Council Little Marlow Parish Council

Wednesday, 5 January 2022


Little Marlow Parish Council Contributor


Since lockdown, litter has become an increasing problem across the county. People have been making more use of the beautiful countryside and parks around Buckinghamshire, but unfortunately not everyone is cleaning up after themselves, often leaving our green spaces littered with rubbish.

It’s not a problem unique to Buckinghamshire. Around 2 million pieces of litter are discarded every single day across the UK. That’s the equivalent of 23 items per second!

The LitterLotto app has been designed to turn these stats around and encourage people to throw their rubbish in the bin in exchange for cash prizes – ranging from £5 to £250!

The app, which launched in October this year, is free to download, and we want to encourage residents of Buckinghamshire to get involved.

To make use of the LitterLotto app, simply take a photo of you throwing some litter into a bin for the opportunity to win a cash prize, as well as an entry into the £10,000 monthly jackpot. Imagine winning £10,000 for throwing rubbish away? You really do just have to bin it to win it!

There’s no limit to how many times you can enter, either. Anytime you throw some litter in the bin, be it as small as a cigarette butt or as large as a plastic drinks bottle, you can enter – just remember to photograph yourself throwing each item away, including the mouth of the bin, the piece of litter and your hand so that the app can recognise your entry. The litter doesn’t have to be yours either – you can enter by picking up any litter you find.

You can search for the app on your phone’s app store, or you can scan the QR codes that we will be placing on bins around Buckinghamshire.

Deputy Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, Jilly Jordan, said: “I think the LitterLotto is a great way to encourage people to help get litter off our streets and out of our open spaces. Collecting litter and disposing of it properly is good for the environment and helps keep animals safe. Having the chance to win cash for doing this just feels like a win-win situation for everyone!

"I would urge residents to be Covid-aware and think of health and safety. Pick up litter with litter pickers or whilst wearing gloves, and always wash your hands after touching any litter.

"Buckinghamshire is a beautiful county, so let’s work together as a community to keep it that way.”

To find out more about the LitterLotto, including the ‘rules’ around entering, visit:

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